Foundations of Improvement Science in Healthcare

"Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and he will feed himself for a lifetime."
Chinese Proverb.

Learn the core skills of Improvement Science in less than 1 month. Click HERE

Individual FISH Courses

Designed for self-directed learning as part of a personal development plan. This is a facilitated distance-learning course is more convenient and affordable than traditional face-to-face training.

Included are the on-line FISH course with formative assessment, and remote support by an experienced Improvement Science Practitioner (ISP).

FISHees who complete the on-line course are awarded a Certificate of Achievement and are entered onto the Register of Healthcare Improvement Practitioners.

And the perfect way to practice is a One Day Flow Design workshop. Click here for details.

FISH graduates are encouraged to progress to the Improvement Science Practitioner Level 1 training, and a real-world project to earn an ISP-1 Certificate of Competence.

How to Get Started

Register, log on and start the on-line course now at FISH On-Line.

The first module is complimentary and takes only about 30 minutes to complete.

Module 1 is a gentle introduction. The subsequent modules are more challenging and more valuable!



"This was the best training course I have ever been on." ML (Business Analyst)

"This was the best management training I have ever had." RB (Consultant Anaesthetist)

"Inspiring!" PM (Consultant Surgeon)

"Very interesting and inspiring." LH (Access Manager)

"Every member of the team energised and up-knowledged." SK (Consultant Pathologist)

"The PostIt® Note exercise was my biggest "Aha" moment on a combination of levels. Iím still smiling at the simple elegance of this particular exercise and the depth of learning I am getting from it." PD (Consultant Paediatrician)

"I found it fascinating. It was challenging. A Gantt chart is my new favourite chart." AW (MRI Radiographer)

"The most intense, rewarding and challenging CPD I have ever done. And yes, value for money, definitely, especially given how much email support I've had. Given the on-line courses that are out there, FISH is another scale of magnitude of value." ZN (General Practitioner)

"I found this foundation course very interesting and it did make me realise that the best answer is not always the first one you think of." WC (Support Services Development)

"Basically a new approach to understanding processes. Very useful investment of time - stimulating and keen to put principles in practice." PH (Consultant)

"Having gone through the FISH, I feel like I have acquired more realistic knowledge which could be applied to real life situations. It is amazing how you have distilled academic knowledge and a combination of improvement methodologies into a workable format for use at any shop-floor with flow design issues." MA (General Practitioner)

"A year ago I was contemplating life after the NHS; working in perpetual chaos and stress had led me to believe that the only way to survive was to jump. Before taking such a drastic step I decided to give Improvement Science a go. Upon completing FISH and the ISP-1 training I have managed to transform the chaos into calm and I am now looking ahead to another 20 years of continual improvement for the benefit of my patients, myself and my family." DP (Consultant Oncologist)